Nov 15

Kræsj Pink

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Bublegum electropop duo.

Kræsj Pink

KaffeBaileys Mixtape


When: Saturday 21st November 2009

What: Kræsj Pink

Where: Brukbar, Trondheim

Kaffebaileys by kræsj pink

Back in the days, Kræsj Pink used to be one of my favorite ice pops. Chocolate covered fruit bonanza with a bubblegum stick. The ice pop still exists, but with another name, which have caused a minor stir within the extremely small popsicle community.

kræsj pink popsicle

However, the name still lives on. Kræsj Pink has gone from ice pop to electro pop. Kræsj Pink is now a soap bubble covered electro pop bonanza delivered by two bubblegum djs; myself and DJ Marie Curie. We teamed up for the first time in January 2009, and have since had regular Kræsj Pink evenings at Brukbar.

kræsj pink djs


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